Do you keep your WordPress website up to date? Some older versions of WordPress could have vulnerability issues if they haven’t been updated in a while and are left open to hackers. If you are on one of our maintenance packages then rest assured your website is in safe hands as we ensure all our websites are to current standards and operate regular backups.

WordPress is a great platform to build stunning and professional websites in however without the right maintenance things can go terribly wrong, if you need further help or want us to check if your website is operating at it’s very best feel free to contact us we would be happy to help.

Here’s a couple of tips which could potentally save your WordPress website from been attacked.

  1. Always keep regular backups of your files and database.
  2. Install a free plugin called WordFence this will ensure brute force attacks and unauthorised logins are protected from.
  3. Change the wp-admin area to something else such as /remotelogin or alternatively add cPanel directory permissions to lock down this area.

Further information on how hackers have found these vulnerabilities and how they are exploiting this WordPress issue can be found here on BBC News website.


Macauley Stephenson
Your Web Designer – Barnsley | South Yorkshire