Here I will explain what search engine optimisation is all about and the basics of how it works.

When speaking to new clients about a website, we often get asked how do I get my website on the first page of Google?

Here at Stephenson’s Design and Repair, we have a variety of tools, and techniques which will increase your chances but nobody can guarantee 100% results. We offer search engine optimisation for both new and existing websites and create an estimate for the work we believe needs to be done to your website to better optimise your pages for the algorithms of the top three search engines.

Search engine optimisation is often an organic process which is done over time by using well-written content and good quality back links, to build domain authority and domain popularity with the search engines.

To better rank, your website you need to find a niche within your industry and focous your efforts around using those keywords in your articles, images and page content try not to diversify too much with content as it will confuse search engines.  Your efforts won’t be as succesful.

So for my other business offering IT Support, I focused on getting the popular search term ‘Computer Repairs Barnsley’ onto the first page of Google.


If you look at this page you will see the repetition of these keywords ‘computer, repairs, barnsley‘ throughout the page;

I would also recommend you write a detailed blog post at least twice a month with useful advice and information to give your users something to re-visit your website for later. A little like getting repeat customers/purchases.


Ok so once you have good content you then need to build good backlinks with suppliers, manufacturers from blogs, online directories and more. A quick way of doing this would be to sign up to services such as Yell, Thomson, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. (This will build popularity with your domain).

The problem is with SEO it’s never guaranteed and never lasts you have to constantly keep on top of it updating content and actively researching your competitiors looking for new trends and techniques. I must admit it’s a painstakingly lengthy task and thats where we come in.


Another way to get your website up Google is through paid adverts. You can do PPC with Google and set a budget to show your website when certain keywords are looked upon this is powered through Google Adwords many businesses charge for this service however it’s straightforward enough for you to setup your own adverts with a monthly budget. However if your budget runs out your advert dissapears. Check it out here..


If you need any more help just give me a shout, above is just the basic understanding of how SEO works without all the technical jargon.



Macauley Stephenson

Your Website Designer – Barnsley | South Yorkshire